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COVID-19 Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

​​What is the schedule of the day/how will the day be run?

Schedule for the day will be determined by number of entries and spectators to allow for social distancing throughout the event. Schedule may be follow typical pre-premier/premier breakdown. Final schedule will be emailed to all registered dancers and their teachers the week before the competition. Changing facilities will not be provided per SDUSA COVID-19 policies. Hair and make-up should not be completed in bathrooms.

Upon arrival, every attendee - including dancers and children spectators - will need to complete the assumption of risk waiver (for either adult or child) AND the day of competition waiver in order to gain admittance to the building. If you print these off in advance, fill out that morning and bring with you for every attendee in your vehicle, it will expedite entrance.


Please ensure proper social distancing throughout the event. At the conclusion of awards, please pack up and exit the building quickly to allow our volunteers to clean for the next group of dancers to begin.

Are waivers required?

Yes, upon arrival at the venue, all attendees will be required to take a health assessment and sign the day of competition certificate for admittance. Please download and print the day of certificate and the assumption of risk waiver (for either adult or child) bring with you to the event. We will have additional waivers available on-site if needed. A positive answer to any of the symptom questions, regardless of cause, will result in being denied entry to the competition.

Do I need to bring my ticket from Ticketleap to enter the park?

No tickets are required for entry. We will have a list of names of those who have pre-paid admission at the gate. As you drive in you'll check in, turn in your signed waivers and be given your program, then directed where to park.

Will I/my dancer be required to wear a mask?

Per the SDUSA COVID-19 policies, our event will fallow all current local guides as of the day of the event. Currently masks are not required indoors in Michigan if you are fully vaccinated. They are recommended for those unvaccinated. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, especially if you are unvaccinated, please do so, even if the state and local guidelines do not require it at the time. If your dancer would prefer to dance in their mask they are welcome to - please have masks be in neutral colors with no embellishments (glitter, sequin, etc). Bags will be provided for those dancers wearing a mask not on stage, but who wish to remove their mask while dancing. An area will be marked on the stage where they can remove their mask, place it in the bag and leave it while they are dancing if they wish to do so. You may want to put something in the bag so it doesn't blow away while dancing.


Will changing facilities be provided?

No, all dancers must arrive in full competition attire (including hair and make-up). Changing facilities will not be provided per SDUSA COIVD policies. Hair and make-up should not be completed in bathrooms. Dancers may wear a warm-up jacket and street shoes and put on their dance jacket or vest and ghillies when on site.

Will concessions, food/beverages, be provided?

No, per SDUSA COVID policies there will be no provided food or beverages provided on-site, including water. All dancers and spectators should bring their own food/water/beverages.

Will there be a warm-up area?

There will be space in the cafeteria and surrounding hallways for dancers to warm-up. We are asking that only the dancer and 1 parent/teacher be in their warm-up area. All other spectators should remain within the bleachers in the gym. You may bring foam squares, a blanket, etc for their warm-up space. Please be sure to maintain social distancing throughout the event.

Will there be an awards ceremony?

Awards will be announced and dancers will be allowed on stage 6' apart - when their name is called they will bow in place, but no awards will be handed out on stage. At the conclusion of the announcements, dancer's awards and cards will be placed in a bag with their number on it and they can collect their awards one a time from the awards table. Trophy winners will be announced and able to collect their trophy on stage.


Will the event be live streamed?

No, we will not be offering a livestream this time.

How many spectators are allowed?

There is not a spectator limit per dancer. The event will be scheduled throughout the day to allow spectators to attend and watch their dancer. Spectators must arrive and leave with their dancer at the conclusion of their time period. SDUSA teachers with competing dancers are able to attend and stay throughout the day for their dancers. All spectators must pre-register and complete the assumption of risk waiver (for either adult or child) AND the day of competition waiver - no on-site admission will be sold.

Why is the cost of the event higher than the typical registration?

Due to the COVID policies we must abide by, we have many additional costs to host this year's event (PPE, tape & supplies for social distancing marking, etc) in addition to our typical costs (facility rental, judge & piper fees, awards, insurance, etc). We are also anticipating much lower numbers to cover all of these costs. Our goal of the event is to break even so we can continue to host our events in the future and have tried to be cognizant of keeping costs reasonable, while still keeping our competition financially afloat. Registration fee also includes the $5/dancer ScotDance USA Midwest USIR donation. We have no organization, festival or games backing to help us. If you are able to provide additional support through a sponsorship, your donation would be greatly appreciated!

For the official ScotDance USA COVID-19 recommendations please download the document here.

Failure to follow all verbal and posted directions and policies will result in removal from the event.