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COVID-19 Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the cost of the event higher than the typical registration?

Due to the COVID policies we must abide by, we have many additional costs to host this year's event (park rental, stage set-up, PPE, etc). Additionally, with registrations being restricted to US dancers only, we anticipate much lower numbers to cover all of these additional costs. Our goal of the event is to break even so we can continue to host our events in the future. If you are able to provide additional support through a sponsorship, your donation would be greatly appreciated!

When will registrations & ticket sales close?

Our online registration will close Friday, May 28th. Due to needing to get everything organized to meet COVID safety requirements and purchase necessary items all dancers and spectators must be registered by May 28th. Appreciate your assistance in registering as early as possible.

What if I registered for the 2020 Spring event?

Due to so many changes and Canadian dancers not being eligible to attend the June 2021 event, all registrations for 2020 have been refunded via PayPal. If you registered for the 2020 spring event, please re-register for the 2021 event online.

What is the schedule of the day/how will the day be run?

The schedule for the day will be determined by number of entries per group and local policies as of the day of the event. Please note that the "typical" pre-premier in morning and premier in afternoon may not be utilized. Schedule will be distributed to all attendees via email, posted on our website and shared on our facebook page the week prior to the event. All dancers must arrive in full competition attire (including hair and make-up). Changing facilities will not be provided per SDUSA COVID-19 policies. Hair and make-up should not be completed in bathrooms.

Upon arrival, every attendees will need to complete the day of competition certificate in order to gain admittance to the park. Please be sure to have on your mask upon pulling into the park for the safety of our volunteers working the gate. Attendees will be directed to the parking area towards the back of the park. Individual family areas will be marked off around the park for dancers and their spectators to gather. Please ensure proper social distancing throughout the event. When your dancers group is called, you may watch under the pavilion. At the conclusion of their dance/group, all spectators will need to exit the pavilion and proceed back to their individual areas. No chairs will be provided or allowed in the pavilion. At the conclusion of awards, please pack up and exit the park quickly to allow the next group of dancers to begin.

How many spectators are allowed?

Due to us being outdoors at a large facility, there is not a spectator limit per dancer. The event will be scheduled throughout the day to allow spectators to attend and watch their dancer. Spectators must arrive and leave with their dancer at the conclusion of their time period. SDUSA teachers with competing dancers are able to attend and stay throughout the day for their dancers. All spectators must pre-register - no on-site admission will be sold.

Will I/my dancer be required to wear a mask?

Yes, per the SDUSA COVID-19 policies, all attendees are participants will be required to properly wear a mask covering their nose & mouth at all times at the venue. Dancers may remove their mask to compete if they wish. If your dancer would prefer to dance in their mask they are welcome to - please have masks be in neutral colors with no embellishments (glitter, sequin, etc). Bags will be provided for dancers who wish to remove their mask while dancing. A table will be provided at the entrance to the stage where they can remove their mask, place it in the bag and leave it within the marked area on the table. Upon existing the stage, they should retrieve their bag and put their mask back on.

What are the steps needed to properly register/attend the event?

  1. Register dancer and who is attending with them online by Friday, May 28th

  2. Print & fill out the day of competition certificate for EVERY person coming into the facility and bring with you the day of the competition (it should be completed and accurate as of 6/12/21)

Are waivers required?

Yes, upon arrival at the venue, all attendees will be required to take a health assessment and sign the day of competition certificate for admittance. Please print the day of certificate by downloading it here and bring with you to the event. We will have additional waivers available on-site if needed. A positive answer to any of the symptom questions, regardless of cause, will result in being denied entry to the competition.


Will changing facilities be provided?

No, all dancers must arrive in full competition attire (including hair and make-up). Changing facilities will not be provided per SDUSA COIVD policies. Hair and make-up should not be completed in bathrooms. Dancers may wear a warm-up jacket and street shoes and put on their dance jacket or vest and ghillies when on site.

Will concessions, food/beverages, be provided?

No, there will be no provided food or beverages on-site, including water. All dancers should bring their own food/water/beverages.

Will there be a warm-up area?

Yes, we will be at a large 25 acre park. Each dancer and their spectators may bring a small tent, chairs, foam squares, a blanket, etc for their warm-up space. 12'x12' spaces will be marked off for each dance family to ensure proper social distancing between tents/spaces. Each dancer and their spectators must remain in their space while stretching/warming up.  No one other than the dancer and their spectators should be within the marked space. Please be sure to maintain social distancing throughout the event.

Will there be an awards ceremony?

Awards will be announced and dancers will be allowed on stage 6' apart - when their name is called they will bow in place, but no awards will be handed out on stage. At the conclusion of the announcements, dancer's awards and cards will be placed in a zip lock bag with their number on it and they can collect their awards one a time from the awards table. Trophy winners will be announced and able to come on stage individually to collect their trophy.


Will the event be live streamed?

Yes! We will offer a live stream via facebook at an additional cost so additional spectators can watch live. Please order your live stream admission here. Once ordered, we will email you information on how to join the private facebook event to watch live!

For the official ScotDance USA COVID-19 recommendations please download the document here.

Failure to follow all verbal and posted directions and policies will result in removal from the event.