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Competition Organizer Resources

​Running a competition in pre-COVID times is challenging enough - running a competition with the complexities of COVID policies and considerations brings a whole new level of challenge! We wanted to provide our thoughts and resources to any competition organizer in hopes of making it a little bit easier for them to plan and organize their events.

Social Distancing Markers

Dance spots are great for indoor events and marking social distancing on stage/solid flooring surfaces, but they are expensive with the quantity needed. We found these 5" removable dot stickers that are only $30 for a pack of 200 on Amazon that will work on solid surfaces. If on carpet, there are these 100 piece floor dots on Amazon for only $17 that work great on carpet. They are a bit smaller, but do the trick. They do have almost a velcro backing, so they won't work on tile/cement surfaces.

If outdoors and needing to mark off spaces for families to social distance, or 6' markings in the grass we used this spray chalk ($10/can) and paint marking wand ($17) also both on Amazon.

For taping off squares for dancers or on solid surface floors, white painters tape works great! We found this 8 roll pack of white painters tape for $13 on Amazon and these 3 packs of black painters tape for $14 on Amazon. This is one item that we used way more of than anticipated and had to run out to the store to get more during set up. Having twice as much on hand will be helpful!

Supplies for COVID Policies

These small white paper bags come in a 24 pack for only $14 and work great for dancers to put their masks in, as well as for awards. Dancers will likely need to place something else in the bag to give it some weight so they don't blow away while they are dancing.


We stuffed the awards bags with medals as they were being scrutineered. We would recommend having an additional volunteer work with the scrutineers to stuff the bags with medals and cards as they are calculated. It allowed us to roll right into awards at the conclusion of the last group. All of our medals have always been produced by Crown Awards - they do great custom die cast medals that you can get in various metal and ribbon colors.


We have our programs printed at Overnight Prints and use the 5.5" x 8.5" booklet. They are great quality, fast printing and very reasonably priced for a full color printed program.

For the official ScotDance USA COVID-19 recommendations please download the document here.

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