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The Queen of Scots Dance Academy dancers are available for performances for any of your special occasions - ceremonies, wedding receptions or ceremonies, festivals, cultural or educational events, St. Patrick’s Day festivities, parties, & more...























Performances can range from one dancer performing a specific dance to multiple dancers performing many dancers with costume changes and historical information.


Upon your request we can include the historical story of each dance performed -

either by the dancers themselves or one of their instructors. The stories are great

for educational or cultural events so the audience can learn and understand more

about our Scottish heritage and the dances themselves.


All special appearances are negotiable, starting at $75. Actual cost will vary

depending on length of performance requested, number of dancers, travel

involved,  etc. Please contact us at to arrange



In August 2008, the QSDA had the unique opportunity to perform in the Magic

Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Who better to have perform at your

special event, then those with experience in front of Mickey himself?



Scottish highland dancing is one of the oldest forms of folk dance, and both modern ballet and square dancing can trace their roots back to the Highlands. Dating back to the 11th or 12th century, the Highland Dances of Scotland tended to be highly athletic male celebratory dances of triumph or joy, or warrior dances performed over swords or spiked shield.


Competitive Highland dancing started during the Highland revival of Victorian Britain, and was for men only. Ladies began competing

only at the turn of the century. Over the centuries the dancing style has become more refined and now shares many elements from classical ballet.


Although historically Highland dancing was restricted to men, today it is

mostly performed by females. No matter who dances them, Highland dance

require both athletic and artistic skill.


For performances - we can include the traditional highland dances you often

see performed in the kilt, some of the more balletic dances designed for the

women, or the story dances of the Irish Jig - which tells the story of an Irish

washerwoman, or Sailor’s Hornpipe - which represents the British sailors

at sea. Or a mixture of them all!



No matter what dances or style of performance you choose, 
the Queen of Scots Dance Academy is sure to make your event a great success!


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Available Options


Dancers are available to perform:


  • traditional highland dances

  • educational performances where we explain the history and culture of the dances performed

  • fun performances with story dances for entertainment only

  • custom performance to best suit your needs






Ceilidh classes for couples and groups interested in learning more, etc. Ceilidh dances are the Scottish version of country line dances. Great fun for weddings, large events and more. Private classes available for $50/couple. Semi-private classes also available for a family, wedding party, or small group. We can also come to your event to teach ceilidh dances to your attendees, crowd or audience to get them up and moving and enjoying our rich Scottish heritage. Please contact us to schedule and for pricing.

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